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The Secret Wonders of the Uluru Birthing Caves

Birth Preparation

Last year I travelled to Uluru. As normal, I love to find out about traditional birthing rites and traditions of the cultures in the areas that I visit.

I found a story from Jilpia Nappaljari-Jones particularly interesting. In it she describes how the “Grandmothers and other designated women attended births, they gave physical and emotional support such as holding and massage to the labouring woman”. Jilpia explained that in her culture, this was designed “to remove fear and fear is responsible for so many prolonged and complicated labours.” I found it so intriguing, that they were well aware how fear impacted normal birth.

I experienced the magnificence of the sacred rock by walking around its circumference, lucky to have a local for a tour guide. There were certain parts of the rock that females should not look at, but also parts of the rock that a male should refrain from looking at. Those were the areas on the rock that had the Birthing Caves.

The tour guide went on to explain that when the local women from times past, went into labour, they would go into one of their traditional birthing caves. Often these caves had paintings decorated on the walls and other imagery to help the confidence of the maiden in labour.

It made me wonder that for thousands of years, these women did instinctively what we now know scientifically supports normal labour.

The Calmbirth course outlines how our hormones of birthing are supported when the birthing woman feels safe, calm and private. Just as the ancestral woman would have felt in her cave, surrounded by loving grandmothers and previous women’s painted imagery.

Calmbirth also shares how fear can have a negative impact on birthing today, just as Jilpia describes her ancestors having the knowledge thousands of years ago.

When considering your birthing options, consider where your cave will be and how you will decorate it. Also who you will allow to enter your special birthing cave to assist you to feel warm, safe and private to help achieve an amazing birthing experience.

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