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The Simplicity of Lemon and Water


It is a great time to cleanse ensuring you are helping your body with environmental factors and stress.  When in the clinic working as a Dr Chinese medicine, I speak often about the role of the Liver in being the Commander of the body and organs.  When the Commander is unhappy everyone is unhappy, so it is important always to soothe the Liver, calming the body.  The role of the Liver is to remove toxins, performing this essential metabolic function. So cleansing the Liver to start your day, ensures the body is running correctly, enabling you to have more energy.  As the Livers role within the body is to support the muscles by supplying them with blood, when you are sleeping the blood returns to the Liver to be cleansed, again lemon and hot water are your go-to here. 

Poor Liver health can be seen on the complexion, an ashen face, perhaps with acne, or bloodshot eyes, or blurry vision.  There can be signs of muscle weakness, tendon stiffness,  insomnia, and emotional imbalance with anger and irritability. Nails can be brittle and slow-growing. Stress impairs the function of the liver causing depression.  When there is a toxic element to the Liver it can be due to sugar, alcohol, medications or drugs, having lemon and hot water has a diuretic effect, flushing out toxins and calming the body.  

For some, a sore throat is lingering, as lemons are full of citric acid, you can reach for a lemon and hot water for relief.  Citric acid preserves Vitamin C, great for a cold or any form of nasal congestion.  The sulphur content of a lemon dissolves mucus in the respiratory system.  Cleansing the body of toxins, with an antiseptic effect on your digestive system.  Having lemon with hot water stimulates your digestive tract, this is why it is best drunk first thing in the morning, perfect for relieving constipation and getting the body systems moving. 

Sour foods in Traditional Chinese medicine stimulate digestion, helping breakdown fats.  Lemons have a cooling thermal nature; very sour and having an astringent flavour, they are seen as one of the best fruits therapeutically for people who eat high fat/protein diets.  If you suffer from gout, rheumatoid conditions or have gallstones then lemon and hot water is your new best friend as they reduce uric acid within the body that can cause symptoms of these conditions to flare up.  

Those carrying excess weight, it is important to care for your liver to improve its function, toxins can build up, and they are fat-soluble, allowing them to accumulate in fatty body organs. This can result in brain dysfunction, foggy-headedness and dizziness, hormonal imbalances, breast pain, menstrual disorders, reduced sperm count, early menopause and cancer.  Cleansing the Liver improves mineral absorption, promoting weight loss, cleansing the blood and great for reducing high blood pressure.  It even alleviates flatulence and indigestion.

Have you ever thought as to why lemon accompanies seafood, it destroys bacteria in seafood within 15 minutes due to its antibacterial properties.  It destroys bacteria in your mouth and intestines that cause decay, great for bad breath!  The simplicity of the lemon!


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