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The Stats and Evidence is out…Here’s why Calmbirth gives you Better Birth Outcomes.

Birth Preparation

Calmbirth® – Prepares you emotionally, mentally, and physically for birth.

Calmbirth is Australia’s leading and fastest growing Childbirth Education Program. We take a very holistic and evidence based approach to our Education with the fundamental underpinning of the Program being the Mind-Body-Birth Connection.

The stats and evidence are out that prove that by attending a Calmbirth antenatal course you will have  better birth outcomes and reduced chances of intervention. 

Two papers have recently been published from a study looking at different antenatal education programs across two maternity hospitals in Sydney, Australia. Calmbirth couples made up over 90% of the psychoprophylaxis group according to the researchers.

The first paper by Shand et al, 2022, found that those in the psychoprophylaxis group had:

  • Higher spontaneous labours of compared to other programs & those who didn’t attend education
  • Higher vaginal birth rate
  • Higher breastfeeding rates at discharge

And lower rates of:

  • Induction of labours
  • Lower epidural use
  • Lower rates of 3rd & 4th degree tears

The second paper by Lewis-Jones et al, 2022, found that the psychoprophylaxis groups used a great variety of pain relief options such as acupressure, breathing techniques, visualisation, and the TENs machine.

So, if you want to reduce your chances of intervention and increase your confidence and ability to work with labour, then enrol in a Calmbirth course now (see link in bio or go to our website calmbirth.com.au, to book a course). Experience for yourselves why there’s no birth like a Calmbirth.

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Here are the links to studies:

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  2. https://www.womenandbirth.org/…/S1871-5192(22…/fulltext


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