I’ve created vision boards on and off over the years and didn’t really understand the depths of their incredible power until I recently attended a seminar by vision board guru, Barbara Pellegrino. Here are my learnings.

We all have goals and dreams, whether it be for our health, business, or life in general. Sometimes our vision of these are crystal clear images & sometimes they are a bit hazy.

CLEAR THE HAZE. It will positively change your life!



A vision board is a personalised work of art. Move forward in time and imagine the results you desire. It’s like in Mary Poppins when they jump into the chalk drawing.

Take a mental picture of this experience then bring it to life.

Have fun and get creative! You can design your vision board on paper, cardboard or electronically (print it out when complete) and display in a prominent area where you will see it often. Use pictures and/or words, positive affirmations and phrases are also great.


The psychology and neurology behind vision boards was something that I hadn’t completely comprehended until this point. The connection with the conscious and subconscious mind and vision boards makes so much sense to me now.

Remember, what you focus on grows and expands.

This really resonated with me, especially in relation to the visualisation component of the Calmbirth syllabus.  How powerful would it be to share this information with expectant parents?

Imagine, sharing this information with couples in class, encouraging them to see the space where their baby will be born and either draw or find a picture of this space and include pictures of themselves as they want to be during this time. They may also include pictures of what they want to see, hear, feel and smell during birth e.g. dim lighting, music, essential oils, massage, exercise ball etc. Affirmations such as ‘Practice makes Permanent’ or ‘You’ve got this’ or whatever resonates with them can also be good to see as well as hear from their support people. A Calmbirth logo could also be a good reminder of what they have learnt. The possibilities are infinite!

Vision boards need to motivate and inspire. Look at it and love it! The emotional connection you have to these images and words will allow your subconscious mind to take you there.

Make a decision, a commitment to yourself, that you will crystalise the image of your goals and dreams in your mind then create a vision board.

See, feel, and become your dreams!







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