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Vocalisation in Labour

Birth Preparation

Midwives know that when a labouring woman feels safe, private and unobserved she will move unrestrictedly, make sounds uninhibitedly and will more closely follow her instincts. Making sounds during labour helps women to shift their consciousness into a deeper, calmer state of mind.There is also a physiological connection between the vocal cords and cervix.

Vocalising in labour is the practice of making low, vibratory sound as breath is slowly released. Finding the ‘notes’ that resonate most profoundly with your body is referred to as ‘toning’.  In labour, you can do the vocal toning yourself, or others, such as your partner or support person do the vocalising with you.

“In traditional cultures, experienced mothers sung to the woman during labour, surrounding her with sound to help shift her consciousness.  This sound bath allowed the labouring woman’s body to work towards giving birth, and her consciousness to be with her baby.”Sophia Alcina

As you move through labour, you will find yourself instinctively using different tones as you transition through the stages. The strong sensations in labour can be decreased and the whole body nourished through the hours of giving birth.



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