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Birth Stories

Story by Imogen & Steph

Here is Lola’s incredible birth story. What shone through in this story is the confidence her Mama’s had to voice their birth wishes to achieve their positive birth experience.

Lola was born post term at 42 weeks and 2 days weighing a chunky 4.05kg.

Our birth although not entirely the way we envisioned left us feeling empowered and greatful for the beautiful experience.

I had the confidence to voice my desire to hold off induction until 42 weeks & 1 day thanks to the valuable information your Calmbirth class had provided. In the end we did attempt the balloon catheter & needed one dose of prostaglandin before my waters broke spontaneously and I went into spontaneous labour fortunately without the need of the drip.

Labour hit hard & fast without any pre labor going from 2cm to 7cm in an hour. This came with its complications with Lola becoming distressed and we required a fetal scalp monitor & medication to slow down the labour.

This was by far the hardest period as I was 9cm and dialating rapidly but needed to hold off pushing (despite the desire being so strong) for 2 hours before everyone was happy that Lola would be strong enough to endure the final stage of labor.

After pushing for 2 hours the medical team wanted to get her out with the vacuum which was something we had strongly not wanted – Lola was not compromised & again we had the skills and confidence to refuse and ask for 10 more minutes to try and get her out whilst she was still stable and happy.

Fortunately I managed to push her out with Steph taking control and advocating for that extra time to try.

All was done medication free and we were home 7 hours post birth.

This would not have been possible without the resources & information you provided us.

Thank you so much again for giving us the skills that made our birth (although not entirely as we pictured) empowering and special.

Imogen, Steph and Baby Lola.

This is birthing with strength & confidence

Congratulations Imogen & Steph! Thank you for sharing your inspiring birth experience x

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