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Birth Stories

It is such a privilege to hear the birth stories of my Calmbirth couples & share them with you

Inspirational Birthing Queen Lucy (& her rock Nick) share their beautiful, positive birth below

We had an incredible birth experience with every birth “wish” being met, with the support of our incredible obstetrician Amanda Ward.

Due to my complications, including Gestational Diabetes, my OB wanted to induce me slightly earlier.

I had a hormone ribbon inserted. (I also had 3 x successive Accupuncture sessions every 2 days) & this really helped with easing anxiety and nervousness.

After the hormone ribbon was inserted i immediately started having light contractions which continued throughout the night. By the time I was wheeled into the birthing suite in the morning my cervix had flattened and I had dilated 3cm.

I then had the drip turned on. I got to about 5 or 6cm dilated before the contractions got to a point where they were quite painful and I started to fear them, and I felt like I wasn’t really embracing the contractions and worried my body would fight them.

This is the point where I had the epidural and this was much less scary than I anticipated.

Over the next couple of hours I was fully dilated and I let the epidural wear off so that I could start pushing.

My OB was there for all of the pushing and using stretching and warming techniques so that we could get him out easily without the need for instruments (which was my biggest fear).

After an hour of pushing I was able to grab him by the shoulders and pull him onto my chest which was such a nice experience.

I did have a 2nd degree tear but everything is healing up quite quickly which is great.

Bub is nice and healthy and we are absolutely obsessed with him!

I feel so grateful that I was able to have a super positive birth experience. Nick was so great on the day too, I honestly could not have done it without him

Thank you for all of your education, support and guidance, you really helped to set us up for success and we can’t thank you enough.

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