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Welcome Miss Maggie

Birth Stories

By Jasmine Balme

Hi Carmel!

Just thought I’d let you know that our little Magnolia is here (Maggie!). My birth was an absolute dream thanks to all the Calmbirth practices. I was completely in the zone, meditating for 9 hours straight. I was swaying and moving around on my fit ball, in the shower and it was a very quiet, environment – no screaming, no fuss just pure focus on getting her here. I breathed, breathed and breathed. I had a little help from a tens machine and the hot shower, but no pain relief.

At one point Rehana had the theatre booked for C-section as Bub looked like she wouldn’t engage but I just worked on getting her down and before we knew it she was engaged and I was progressing! I had the birth I dreamed of and I know that’s because of all the wisdom you passed onto us, Ned especially found it a huge benefit as a birth partner.

Here are some pictures of Maggie, thank you soooo much again!!





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