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Birth Preparation

At what stage in the pregnancy do we attend a Calmbirth course?

I get this email a lot and it’s a great question!

The good news is, there’s a big range to work with when attending a Calmbirth course.

Optimal timing is between 28 – 36 weeks pregnant.


In saying that, I’ve had couples attend late in their pregnancy at 36-38 weeks – feedback has been positive as the content, conversations and strategies are fresh and front of mind for the birthing woman, partner/ support person.
Also, if you are heading into your first labour and birth, more then half of women birth after 40 weeks!


Alternatively, attending the course that bit earlier in the pregnancy, say at 28-30 weeks pregnant provides you with time… more time to digest the content, work through the resources provided, start having conversations with your partner/ support person and your caregiver.


Regardless of when you attend a Calmbirth course, with knowledge comes confidence and practice makes permanent!


I was around 34 weeks pregnant when I attended Calmbirth in preparation for my first baby and found this was a great time for my headspace when considering all my options for labour and birth preparation!


Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions regarding your pregnancy dates, timing of attending the course, or if your desire course dates is sold out! Email: [email protected]

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