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Why birth preparation is so important…..

Birth Preparation

Having a baby is one of the most memorable days of your life…..

From all the ‘grandmothers’ I have met at births – they all have a story…. the story of their birth – they never forget it. It’s a day that’s with them forever…

So why do women in our culture have the belief that they can just ‘turn up’ to their birth when their labour starts? When we get married we spend tens of thousands of Dollars on this ‘1 day’, yet we don’t see the need to spend a lot less on preparing for giving birth…


From what I see and hear, some women don’t want to get too attached to an image of birth in case they don’t have that birth experience. But here at Calmbirth, we are all about teaching couples how to have the best birth possibly for them…there is no failure in birth.

There is a lot more to a woman than just her physical body, and by preparing for birth through Calmbirth, you learn about all the deeper parts of your body that can influence the way your body actually performs. It’s truely amazing. In birth, the woman has full control of her mind and body, and to be in control of this is truely empowering. 

By being aware and present for your birth is like nothing else you will ever experience. Please give yourself the gift of an amazing birth by investing your time in birth preparation…

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