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Birth Affirmations – what are they and how do they help?

Birth Preparation

Birth quotes & affirmations are a wonderful tool to use when preparing for, and during labour and birth. Why? Because they are positive, powerful statements and words which inspire and empower you to think differently and to change your mindset.

They may help alleviate any anxieties and fears that you may be holding onto around birth. They have the power to turn any negative thoughts into positive thoughts and feelings that remind us of our courage, strength, intuition and our natural ability to create the best birth experience possible! The more we practice and keep re – reading them the more positively rewired our brains will become.

Calmbirth has created and collated these cards to help you on your pregnancy, labour and birth journey by reminding you just how powerful the mind and body connection is in birth and just how amazing birth can be…we hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making them for you. To buy yours, or to gift someone these powerful words of inspiration and empowerment go to: https://calmbirth.com.au/…/calmbirth-positive-birth…/


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