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Calmbirth Program coming to Nepean

Birth Preparation

Mums-to-be and their birth partners can benefit from tips and techniques to enrich their birth experience when the highly-acclaimed Calmbirth education program begins at Nepean Hospital at the end of February.

Nepean Hospital is the only hospital in Western Sydney currently offering this well-regarded childbirth education program.

“Calmbirth gives women and caregivers the tools to promote positive birth, decrease stress and empower women by instilling them with confidence during birth,” says Nepean Hospital Clinical Midwifery Consultant, Justine Elliott.

“Midwives highly value the education the program provides women and we believe Calmbirth will be of real bene t to the expectant parents we care for.”




Calmbirth focuses on the mind- body connection in childbirth and applies understanding of the relaxation response and its influence on birth to help provide quality childbirth education and improve birth outcomes.

The Calmbirth program is clinically and scientically proven to enrich the birth experience as positive and reduce the impact of perinatal anxiety and postnatal depression. 

Ms Elliott says the Calmbirth program at Nepean Hospital offers expectant parents an alternative to traditional antenatal classes which continue to be available at both Nepean and blue Mountains hospitals. It will also reduce the need for women and their partners to travel to attend a Calmbirth class.

“The Calmbirth classes will be an exciting addition to the antenatal education services currently available for women and families at Nepean Hospital. The program will help to further enhance the quality and compassionate care provided by the Women and Children’s Health Service,” says Ms Elliott.

The Calmbirth program at Nepean Hospital welcomes all women regardless of their planned birthing location.

Calmbirth at Nepean Hospital will be run by a highly trained facilitator who is also a midwife. It is recommended that women and their birthing partners do the course between 24-34 weeks gestation.

Upcoming dates for the Nepean Hospital are:
27th & 28th February
13th & 14th March
10th & 11th April
1st & 2nd May 

The two-day program will run on weekends and the cost is $550 for two people to attend. Rebates may be available through some Health Care Providers. Contact your health insurer to find out if you are eligible for rebates.

For information and bookings, visit calmbirth.com.au






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