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Embracing the Nesting Period…

Birth Preparation

I’ll never forget being in my last trimester and I don’t know where I found my burst of energy from, but I nested like crazy!  It almost felt like I was possessed, and I feltcompelled to create a loving, clean, and nurturing environment for my baby. I was sewing curtains for the nursery, sanding down and painting an heirloom wooden box that was given to me from great grand ma to be turned into a clothes/toybox. Washing and folding all the baby clothes before the little one arrived so that they could smell like clothes softener and feel gentle on their fragile skin. I re arranged the furniture in my bedroom to accommodate for the bassinet and change table and got into baking!

I was in full gear, unstoppable. I was NESTING!

Not all women will experience this ‘nesting phase’ and that’s also perfectly normal, but for those that do, this is what you can expect:

Deep Cleaning Frenzy: You might find yourself scrubbing, dusting, and organizing like never before. Every nook and cranny get special attention, it brings a new meaning to spring cleaning.

Creating the Nursery: Designing and decorating the nursery becomes an art form. Choosing colours, textiles and fabrics assembling furniture, and setting up the cot—every detail is infused with love, imagination, and anticipation. You learn how to sew and become as creative as ‘Angel’ in Escape to the Chateau,

Shopping: You literally shop till you drop! You research and start to buy all your baby essentials such as: baby clothes, nappies, creams, prams, car seats, bassinets, bouncers, cot, soft fluffy toys, pram accessories, breastfeeding bras, nipple cream, bottles, breast pumps, tens machine …the list goes on and on….

Cooking, baking, and Freezing: I took up baking scones, cakes and muffins as well as preparing meals to freeze for the postpartum period. I didn’t have support from family that lived close by, so it was my way to ensure that my family and I were well-fed during those early days with my newborn.

Nesting Rituals: You might start nurturing new routines, like gentle prenatal yoga or meditation, to connect with your baby and find a sense of calm amidst the excitement. I listened to music and sung to my baby.

Bonding Time: Nesting isn’t just about the physical space; it’s also about bonding with your partner and any older siblings. Spending quality time together before the baby arrives can create beautiful memories. As this was my first baby, I remember just taking great pleasure in watching TV and sitting next to my husband when it was just the two of us or going for long drives on the weekend & stopping for coffee and cake. But if you do have another child, this is the perfect time to spend quality time bonding with them, involving them in the process of becoming a big brother or sister, taking them to the park, reading to them and doing arts and crafts and baking with them

Emotional Reflection: Nesting isn’t just about the tangible preparations; it’s a time for reflection and emotional preparation as well. You’re mentally preparing to become a parent, and that’s an incredible and sometimes daunting journey. I used this time to read heaps of books on parenting, raising girls and boys and reading birth affirmations and baby name books!

Self-Care: You need to be looking after yourself because life will get busy with a newborn, so make sure you give yourself time to have long baths, go for a pregnancy massage or facial, read, glisten to your favourite podcasts, go for walks and nourish yourself with food and people that feed your soul!

Did you go through the Nesting phase? I would love to hear some of the things you did.


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