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Made with LOVE. Birthed with LOVE – Let’s talk about SEX baby…

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I LOVE this photo because of the position – the made with love position – so let’s talk about sex baby!

Curious about sex during pregnancy? I know this can be a taboo subject that couples during this period may not be conformable to talk about, but here are some tips and FAQ about it.


Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Yes – unless told otherwise by your health care provider
But generally speaking, many couples continue to have a healthy and satisfying sex life during pregnancy.

Remember the words “made with love, birthed with love.”

Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Communication is key: Talk openly with your partner about how you both feel. Emotional connection can play a significant role during this time. And staying emotionally connected is also crucial when birthing your baby.

Comfort is crucial: As the pregnancy progresses, you may need to explore different positions that are more comfortable for both of you. Try side lying, positioning yourself on all fours you on top, use additional pillows for support if required. Your safety comes first so avoid positions or activities that put pressure on your belly and be mindful of any bleeding or discomfort. If you experience these symptoms, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Can having sex harm my baby? NO! Your baby is protected by your uterus & their amniotic fluid and sac.

Can you miscarry having Sex?  NO. miscarriages are not caused by having sex.

Benefits of intimacy: Sex can help maintain intimacy, connection, and bonding with your partner, reducing stress and blood pressure whilst promoting relaxation and all the endorphins and oxytocin which is also great in labour and birth!

When to abstain from having sex during pregnancy? In some cases, your healthcare provider may advise against sex, particularly if you have certain complications like placenta previa, a shortened cervix, any bleeding, your waters have broken, or there’s a risk you may go into premature labour or if you have a history of preterm labour.

Just like every pregnancy & birth is different for every woman there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to sex during pregnancy. Some women feel more sexual and sensual when they are pregnant than others.

What’s most important is that you and your partner feel comfortable, safe, and supported and respected in your choices and that you always communicate with your partner! And if you don’t feel like having sex during your pregnancy, that’s ok too, but you still need to communicate and be intimate with your partner in other ways, so that they still feel loved and connected to you as you are both going through different changes and feelings at this time.


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