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Unexpected challenges

Birth Stories

by Dan and Annika Collins

The last few weeks have been testing for Dan and I. I got diagnosed with pre-clampsia 3 weeks ago at my 32 weeks’ pregnant pre-natal check and have been back and forth trying to be stabilised on BP meds, but last Wednesday morning (21st June) Dan and I welcomed Harry Edward Collins into the world in the early hours of Wednesday morning, a pretty scary entrance into the world with an emergency C-section under GA with placental abruption.

There was a lot of informative content covered that was easy to understand and helpful in getting to know the whole process of labour and birth. The most helpful tool I found was the breathing techniques that could be applied to any situation where the pressure is on. My Calmbirth Educator, Cherie was an excellent facilitator and encouraged discussion which I found the best way to learn. She was great at helping the group to understand the material and sensitive and engaging where appropriate.

Harry arrived a little early at 34+4 weeks but all is good and he’s a strong little man. BW 2.29kg, 33cm HC and length 46cm.

Despite the challenges we faced all the breathing and relaxation techniques Calmbirth taught us both really helped us, and we managed to use them as much as we could throughout our journey over the past few weeks.  I’m still using the breathing and relaxation techniques now through the ups and downs of having a premature baby and with the breastfeeding.

We would both really like to say thank you for offering such an amazing course like Calmbirth and for helping us and giving us empowerment as a couple to tackle life’s journey of parenthood.


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