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A Positive Birth Story

Birth Stories

This beautiful couple joined my Calmbirth class earlier in the year. Here is their birth story….

I gave birth to my perfect little girl Alexia on the 1st June (feels like forever ago now).

Everything went really smoothly and baby is well.

I can’t express how grateful I am for what you taught me. It’s not just the information in your Calmbirth class it’s the way you presented it. You clearly have a passion for what you do and it shows.



My birthing story as I remember it:

Due to my medical history the doctor felt it was best to induce me.

I had a foleys catheter put in on which fell out later that day. Contractions did not start on their own so I went in to the maternity unit the next morning to be induced as planned. 

At 10am my waters were broken and we waited. Nothing happened by 11am so I was given an oxytocin drip.

I put on my music playlist, some Clary sage in my diffuser and my midwife offered me a yoga ball which I accepted.

I sat on the ball, began soft bounces and hip rolls until labour started.

It took about 2 hours for proper contractions to start but once they did it went really quickly from there.

In fact from the start of my active contractions to baby being out was only 44mins! Which includes 7min transition and 7mins of pushing.

I used a range of tools that I learnt from your Calmbirth class to get me through the next 30mins.

I found standing up to be really helpful. Using the end of the bed or turning around the husband chair to lean on the back of that through the contractions. Squatting while leaning on the chair really helped too and I was able to focus on my breathing and keeping my hands soft in that position.

In my mind I pictured my baby descending further down with each contraction and how everything I was doing was helping my body with that process.

As the pain increased I was offered gas but I already felt a little nauseous so declined and instead opted for the bath which the midwives had already prepared for me.



As I stepped in, it felt relaxing, the temperature was perfect. I kneeled down in the bath leaning forward using the edge of the bath for support. My husband on the other side to offer his support with the contractions.

I would’ve only been in the bath for a minute before super intense contractions began and I suddenly lost control of my thoughts on staying calm. I went from being calm and in control to not feeling like I could manage the pain at all in a split second. I screamed and asked for an epidural. In response the midwife asked me to get out of the bath so they could see how far dilated I was. 

As soon as I tried to stand up I felt pressure inside and I knew there was no time for the epidural. I cried out ‘she’s coming’ and kneeled down again leaning on the edge of the bath.

At this point I had 3 midwives in the room assisting me.

I continued to ask for an epidural even though I knew it was too late. I kept saying ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do this!’ But my husband and the midwives were really good with supporting me though this stage.

The midwife got down with me to my level looking me in the eyes and talking me through pushing.

The next 7 mins were a bit of a blur but the midwife would tell me when to push with my contractions and when not to. I did my best to comply and advise on what I was feeling. I don’t remember feeling painful contractions at this stage, just the urge to push and that pushing was both hard & painful, yet strangely satisfying.

I remember the point of crowning and being so grateful I was in the water as I thought it helped soothe the skin surrounding baby’s head. I took those quick short puffs I needed to get me through until I was given the go ahead to keep pushing.

Soon enough the head was out with just the body left to come. A small pause between contractions, then a final long hard dragged out push and my baby was born.

The midwife swam my baby under me so I was able to lift her out of the water and just like that my little girl took her first breath in my arms.

We did it!! Drug free and all I had was a small graze!

My previous labour experience with my last two children was emotionally traumatic for me. Although they were both standard labours and progressed smoothly, I just couldn’t handle the pain.

The information I learnt from your engaging Calmbirth class was invaluable to me. It kept me positive during birthing and equipped me with the right tools to get through it.

The amazing midwife team I had at The hospital complimented your class perfectly. They were not only professional but also friendly, supportive, understanding and brought a sense of calm to the birthing suite.

I finally had my positive birthing experience That I had always wanted and there is no doubt in my mind that it’s thanks to both the amazing midwife team, and your incredible Calmbirth class.


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