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All the oxytocin vibes…

Birth Preparation

Oxytocin is the hormone of LOVE, associated with trust, empathy, relationship building, sexual activity, labour, birthing, breastfeeding and bonding! 

Oxytocin increases steadily in pregnancy, peaking in the lead up to labour and birth

Oxytocin optimises labour & birth by causing a positive feedback loop, accelerating rhythmic contractions

Oxytocin is a part of Mother Nature’s superb design -priming Mother’s to protect their baby and to keep them close, this is why skin to skin and rooming in with your babe is crucial

Oxytocin in breastfeeding promotes the milk ejection reflex, breast milk supply, closeness, bonding and so much more (deserving it’s own post for another time)

Oxytocin is a social hormone and promotes positive relationships and help seeking behaviours

Oxytocin affects everyone and is contagious! So share your kindness everywhere and all around

Podcast Recommendation: 

The Calmbirth Conversation Podcast, Episode 17, An interview with Dr. Sarah Buckley on Oxytocin and Birth @calmbirth

The Midwives’ Cauldron. Season 3, Episode 7 – An Interview with Dr. Sarah Buckley @themidwivescauldron  @midwifethinking 

Book Recommendation: 

Why Oxytocin Matters by Kerstin Uvnas Moberg. READ IT. It’s amazing for anyone heading into labour and birth!

Love Amy



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