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Miss Audrey’s Calmbirth

Birth Stories

My Husband, Murray and I recently attended one of your Calmbirth courses in Mittagong. Jenna ran the Calmbirth course and taught us a range of great calm birthing techniques. 

I would just like to say a massive thank you for sharing this amazing and insightful information with us. As it was on the 2nd of January we welcomed Miss Audrey into our lives. We had the most amazing and calm birthing experience lasting only 8 hours of active labour with no drugs, tearing or interventions.

The midwives commented on how well we worked together as a team and how in control and relaxed we were. Our birth journey could not have been anymore perfect and I thank you for helping me understand the amazing things my body can do and empowering me to bring our baby into the world calmly and safely. 


Many Thanks 

Nakita Burgoyne

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