Since 2018, I’ve embarked on a deeply fulfilling journey as a midwife at the largest tertiary hospital in the southern hemisphere. My days are spent primarily in the vibrant, dynamic atmosphere of the birth suite, where I blend clinical expertise with compassionate care to support families through the miracle of childbirth.

In addition to my hospital duties, I find immense joy in teaching parent education classes, where my goal is to create a nurturing and empowering space for expecting individuals and couples. Through evidence-based antenatal, labour, birth, and postnatal education, I strive to equip families with the knowledge and confidence to navigate this transformative journey.

My passions lie in empowering women through education. Women deserve to be encouraged to speak their mind and make decisions that are important to them.

Outside of my role as a midwife, I cherish the simple pleasures of life. You’ll often find me enjoying leisurely walks that inevitably lead to brunch spots with friends, savouring both the food and the laughter shared. And when I seek solace and comfort, nothing beats the warm cuddles from my two beautiful sausage dogs, who never fail to bring light and joy into my world.