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Babytalk with Calmbirth


By Penny Johnstone

Can we be completely honest here? Giving birth, the actual nuts and bolts process is potentially terrifying.

How do you approach what might be the most challenging physical experience you’ll ever undertake?

Especially when everyone wants to tell you their horror stories.

Giving birth is something you want to get right… right because there’s a lot on the line here.

So where do you find advice, help, information you can use? How do you rope in your significant other to lend a hand.. and be completely useful, engaged and not traumatized at the end?

Peter Jackson and Karen McClay are the founder and CEO of Calmbirth. A childbirth education program that’s been teaching couples how to have a good birth for 13 years.

In this week’s Babytalk podcast you’ll hear Peter tell us how he developed Calmbirth and how this program works with the latest in medical science to educate women and their partners to have a confident birth.

After all your child’s birth is something you will be celebrating every year for a long time. You want it to be a day worth remembering. Listen to the Podast here http://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/babytalk/babytalk-calmbirth/8980054




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