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Birth is Experiential – be open to the journey…

Birth Preparation

Find out what the ‘magic’ is about the Calmbirth program and experience it for yourself  – WHY THERE’S NO BIRTH LIKE A CALMBIRTH 

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”
Glinda from The Wizard of OZ.

What does the Wizard of OZ and Calmbirth have in common?
Sitting and watching the legendary and classic movie “The Wizard of Oz” with my family, it dawned on me how many parallels can be drawn upon to the journey of labour, birth, parenting and our Calmbirth Program that enables and empowers couples to discover their own strength, courage and to trust themselves and each other. So, let me take you on this journey…


Let’s start with the fact that the film “The Wizard of OZ” is one of the most influential films of its times, revolutionsing film from going from black and white to using vivid Technicolor in the land of OZ. It’s a classic story with a powerful message that touches us all and is intergenerational.

This is where Calmbirth fits into the picture, revolutionsing birth culture one family at a time and for future generations. Birth touches us all – with the memory of your birth experience so powerful that it will stay with you forever.


However, it’s in the moral of the story and how it unfolds that we have most in common with the film “The Wizard OZ” – in the story each of the characters, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the cowardly Lion and the Tin Woodman already possessed ALL that they thought they lacked.  Dorothy had the power all along to go back home, the Scarecrow was quick thinking and knowledgeable, the cowardly Lion showed courage despite his fears, and the Tin Woodman was all heart, as he was the most emotional and compassionate of them all.

However, they all didn’t realize their own power because they lacked the self confidence and did not know how to access these strengths they had within themselves.

It was only on their journey to the Emerald City, along the yellow brick road, where they encounter bumps, hurdles, challenges and were all confronted by the wicked witch of the West (a metaphor for their fears), that they triumphed. It was through strengthening their relationships, and supporting and encouraging each other along the way that all characters realised their own power and strengths within.

So, Calmbirth can be likened to Glinda, the witch of the North, otherwise known as the good witch, who guides them along the path of self realization and empowerment and shows Dorothy how to use her ruby slippers to get back home.  Calmbirth sets couples on the right path by preparing them and instilling confidence within themselves for pregnancy, labour, birth and their journey to parenthood.

The Journey

So as a pregnant couple’s journey begins…. on the yellow brick road to parenthood, where their fears, anxieties, perceptions of birth and parenthood and confidence are challenged, Calmbirth enables them to overcome these by instilling knowledge, confidence, fearlessness and trust. Calmbirth teaches couples to to trust their bodies, trust their instincts, trust their partners and trust their caregivers. Instead of ruby slippers, Calmbirth provides couples with a ‘toolkit’ to work with birth in any birth scenario.  

After all, birth is a natural part of life and Calmbirth helps couples to believe, use and harness the skills they innately have – like Dorothy- they too hold all the power they need within themselves to have the birth they want, regardless of how their birth unfolds. 

There’s no birth like a Calmbirth. Experience it for yourself! 

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