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Caesarean Birth

Birth Preparation

April is Caesarean Birth Awareness Month  

Throughout this month I hope to generate awareness and shed some light on caesarean births. Firstly, I call them caesarean births not ‘sections’ as words hold power and no matter how your baby was born it is a birth – your birth.

To all the mums that have had a caesarean birth, or may have one in the future, I hope you feel proud of what you have been through to birth your baby safely. Caesarean birth is not the ‘easy way out’- it is major abdominal surgery. Every caesarean birth is different, some may be associated with trauma, some with joy, planned or unplanned.

We are lucky to have access to safe medical care when needed. While you may not be planning to birth via caesarean being aware of what happens, what you can request and having the tools to navigate this path is an important part of birth preparation. Getting informed about birth, all kinds of birth, is invaluable.

I birthed my son via caesarean and it was empowering & lifechanging and has given me insight and empathy for mothers who end up requiring a caesarean to create a safe outcome for mother or baby.

For anyone who needs to hear it:

  • You gave birth
  • You are strong
  • You are courageous
  • You made the best decision you could based on the information available and support around you
  • Your experience is valid!

Sending love to all the caesarean birthers out there.

Birth, no matter what kind you have, is profound, intense and life changing.

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