Fear – Tension – Pain

This theory was initially discovered by obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read in the 1920’s after observing women in labour. He noted that in an otherwise uncomplicated labour, it was the emotion of fear that caused complications. This theory has since been proven now that we understand the impact of the stress response on our body and hormones of labour and birth.

Caesarean Birth

April is Caesarean Birth Awareness Month  

Throughout this month I hope to generate awareness and shed some light on caesarean births. Firstly, I call them caesarean births not ‘sections’ as words hold power and no matter how your baby was born it is a birth – your birth.

Getting To Know Calmbirth Educator Kirsty Crimmins

Kirsty is a midwife, nurse, Calmbirth Educator, mum to a beautiful boy and passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

As a midwife I have the amazing privilege of supporting couples as they embark on this incredible journey to parenthood. I’ve been with many families during this raw, life changing moment and I still feel in awe at every birth!

I became a Calmbirth Educator because I wanted to find a way to help couples feel empowered, strong and present for the birth of their baby. I’ve witnessed how creating positive birthing conversations can help women realise how powerful they truly are and embrace their incredible bodies. Every birth is unique and although you cannot plan exactly what will happen on the day, you can prepare.

One of the things l Iove about Calmbirth is it’s not about a specific type of birth but about giving couples the knowledge and tools to create a positive birth experience, regardless of the twists and turns their birth journey may take. This was reinforced with my own birth – caesarean at 37 weeks, which was not the birth I had initially envisioned or planned, but was such a positive, empowering, wonderfully life changing experience. I want all women to feel like this at their birth – whatever their own journey looks like.

Through teaching Calmbirth I hope to reach as many families as I can, to help them feel knowledgeable, empowered and excited about their upcoming birth. I truly believe in Calmbirth’s ethos ‘with knowledge comes confidence’ and I look forward to demystifying birth and giving couples the tools and understanding to navigate their individual birth journey and meet their baby with joy!

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