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Calmbirth baby born to Hannah & Tony who were part of the Pilot Study in Auckland City Hospital

Birth Preparation

Hannah and her partner Tony welcomed their beautiful baby at home after participating in the Calmbirth Pilot Study in the Auckland City Hosptial in New Zealand. 

Here they share their story and what they thought about the Calmbirth program. 

Calmbirth and the Auckland City Hosptial would like to thank Hannah & Tony & ALL the other pregnant couples that particpated in this pilot study and thank them for their support in helping us normalise birth. We will keep you posted when the results of the pilot study are published.

For anyone who has missed out on doing the Calmbirth program as part of the Pilot Study at Auckland City Hospital, we do have Calmbirth Educators in new Zealand that you can do the Calmbirth course with. To find your nearest Calmbirth Educator in New Zealand please go to: https://calmbirth.nz

For those pregnant couples in New Zealand still wanting to experience why there’s no birth like a Calmbirth, here is a profile of our wonderful  Calmbirth Educators in New Zealand.

Vida Rye – Wellington

Vida began working in the birthing world in London in 1998 as a doula (trained birth companion and support person after birth). After moving to NZ in 2002, Vida discovered Calmbirth® when pregnant with her first baby and then used the techniques to gently and joyfully birth both of her daughters at home. Vida trained as a Calmbirth® Educator in 2008 and has been sharing Calmbirth® in Wellington ever since.

Debbie Peters – South Island & Auckland/Waiheke

Deb is a registered Calmbirth® educator, who commenced her practice on Waiheke Island, after she had used the techniques for her daughter’s birth. She has spent 7 years teaching in Australia and returned in 2015 to New Zealand. Just over half the women she works with are for their 2nd or 3rd birth.

Alicia Ferguson – Auckland and Wellington

Alicia has been a registered midwife for over 10 years, having worked both in the community and the hospital. She has always been passionate about sharing all her knowledge and experience with others, which meant that becoming a Calmbirth Educator was a perfect fit. She has seen firsthand the amazing influence the Calmbirth course has had when it comes to helping couples create their best birth experience. Alicia is so excited to share this with as many women as possible.

To BOOK a Calmbirth course with them go to: https://calmbirth.nz

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