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Calmbirth NOW available at The Mater Hospital in North Sydney



The Mater Hospital in North Sydney and Calmbirth is proud to announce that the very sought after, highly acclaimed and TRUSTED Calmbirth program is NOW available to do as an antenatal program at the Mater Hospital in North Sydney, and is NOW taking bookings for the 28th July and 4th August course. The Calmbirth course at the Mater hospital will be conducted on consecutive Sundays with the first consecutive Calmbirth weekend course being the 28th July & 4th August course. 

Mater Maternity Care is an integrated collaborative team of obstetricians, midwives, antenatal educators, maternity social workers and lactation experts who work with you in the planning and development of your pregnancy, delivery and care of your baby.

Mater Maternity staff know that having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life and we pride ourselves on providing supportive, high quality care before, during and after the birth of your baby. We have a long and proud tradition in maternity services with a focus on personalised care.

Antenatal education for women and their partners is an integral part of our maternity care – the Calmbirth antenatal classes are a valuable addition to the classes’ already on offer and we are thrilled to join with Calmbirth for the delivery of this unique class.

Providing information and support throughout the entire pregnancy is vital for you and your family and the Mater takes great pride in being there every step of the way. Our aim is that by attending antenatal and postnatal classes you will feel confident and informed about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Calmbirth classes at the Mater Hospital are conducted by experienced midwives who are also registered Calmbirth Educators, Susie Brew and Sarah Tooke. For more information about these Calmbirth Educators read their getting to know you blog on our Calmbirth website. 

Classes will be held on consecutive Sundays from 0900 AM to 5 PM and will commence on July 28th & August 4th.

Upcoming Dates for the Calmbirth courses at the Mater Hospital are:

July 28th & Aug 4th

September 15th & 22nd

November 24th & Dec 1st

Calmbirth courses at the Mater Hospital in North Sydney are NOW available to BOOK by going to calmbirth.com.au

You don’t have to the having your baby at the Mater to do the Calmbirth program, so make sure you tell and tag ALL your pregnant friends who live in North Sydney, Wollstonecraft, Mosman and surrounding areas. 

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