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As you are all aware, from October 11th there will be some restrictions eased in NSW and possibly Victoria, in lockdown affected areas. Calmbirth as an organisation has thought long and hard about how we safely navigate our way back to face to face teaching in what will still be a very unpredictable Covid environment with the potential for increases in Covid infections and subsequent snap lockdowns predicted as the States reopen. The next few months will be an important time to watch and see what happens as we transition to post lockdown life.


Calmbirth and the Auckland City Hosptial would like to thank ALL the pregnant couples that particapted in this pilot study and thank them for their support in helping us normalise birth. We will keep you posted when the results of the pilot study are published.

For anyone who has missed out on doing the Calmbirth program as part of the Pilot Study at Auckland City Hospital, we do have Calmbirth Educators in new Zealand that you can do the Calmbirth course with. To find your nearest Calmbirth Educator in New Zealand please go to: https://calmbirth.nz

We want to reassure all our pregnant couples that your physical safety and emotional wellbeing is paramount to us. We also want to respect the decisions & choices pregnant couples have made for themselves and not be placed in a position where we must discriminate against who can and cannot attend one of our Calmbirth courses when NSW and Vic reopen. As result we have decided that in the Covid affected States, our Courses will continue to be taught over Zoom for the months of November and December, with us aiming to transition safely back to Face to Face in January 2022.

ALL our Calmbirth zoom courses from 1st October to December will remain discounted by $100. Calmbirth would like to thank ALL pregnant couples for their support in choosing our program to help you prepare, educate, and empower yourselves in making informed choices for your birth and parenting journey.

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