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Celebrating International Women’s Day…because women & mothers matter


A message from the Chairman, Dr Vijay Roach

Dear Gidget family,

On International Women’s Day we are presented with an opportunity to reflect on the value of women in society and in our personal lives. Mothers, daughters, partners, colleagues and friends. Leaders of countries, companies and families. The women in our lives guide and nurture our intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Our mothers gave us the gift of life through pregnancy and childbirth, selfless and, often, at significant personal cost.

I wish for a community that values women as people, that acknowledges their contribution. I want to live in a society where a person is a person and each woman is able to reach her true potential, unencumbered by her gender. It is time to fully recognise parenting and domestic work as the activities and responsibilities that underpin human society. In doing that we must acknowledge that women shoulder this burden and that, often, the importance and value of their work is overlooked. The biggest step forward will occur when men embrace parenting and the necessities of work in the home as valued opportunities, rather than lesser duties.

In pregnancy and early parenting, we must address the stigma of mental illness and call it out for what it is. We have a duty of care to identify anxiety and depression and provide appropriate and timely care. The Gidget Foundation sends a loud and clear message on International Women’s Day. Remove the mask of motherhood. Start Talking about mental illness in pregnancy and parenting. Seek and receive help and be confident that you will recover.

Women matter. Mothers matter. On International Women’s Day, the Gidget Foundation expresses our admiration, gratitude, love and respect for all women. Thank you for caring for us. We care and we will work tirelessly to ensure that you are cared for in return.


The Gidget Foundation exists to promote the importance of emotional wellbeing among expectant and new parents, their health providers and the wider community to ensure that those in need receive timely, appropriate and supportive care.



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