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COVID -19 Calmbirth Care Package


At Calmbirth we understand that expectant parents are struggling and doing it tough right now. Calmbirth wants to support you through your pregnancy, labour and birth during COVID -19, so we have developed the Calmbirth Care package.

Our Calmbirth Care package for COVID -19 will allow us to provide pregnant couples access to quality and evidence based childbirth education at a time when they need it the most but may not be able to afford it. We also hope to inspire others who can afford it, to “pay it forward” and sponsor a couple to attend a Calmbirth course.


The Calmbirth Care package has 3 tiers:


  1. 30% Discount – For those of you who are experiencing financial hardship but are still employed – Calmbirth is offering a 30% discount off the recommended retail price of $550 to attend a Calmbirth ZOOM course. This means that you will pay $385.00 to participate in a Calmbirth Zoom Course. The same discount will apply to private classes and the Calmbirth Refresher courses.
  2. Pay what you can afford – For those that are experiencing significant financial hardship due to loss of employment and cannot afford quality and evidence based Childbirth Education, Calmbirth will offer you a “sponsored” place in our Calmbirth ZOOM courses where you can pay what you can afford. There will be a link on our website that will take you to an Application for Sponsorship.
  3. Pay it forward – Sponsor a Calmbirth couple – For those pregnant couples who can afford to pay the FULL cost of the Calmbirth course, we encourage you to do so, so that we can ‘pay it forward’ to those that cannot afford quality childbirth education right now. The extra you pay will enable us to hold a sponsored positon in our courses for them.

This Calmbirth Care Package is valid for any Calmbirth bookings from now until the 31stMay 2020.  To BOOK your Calmbirth course go to calmbirth.com.au







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