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Fill and Empty

Birth Preparation


Nice and easy to remember!!

FILL – Hydrate

The effort and potency of labour is thirsty work – breathing, moving, moaning and guiding your baby down.

– Hydration with small and regular sips of water is so important and easily forgotten.

– After every few contractions, during the resting period, have partner/ support person offer you a drink.


Partner/ support people:
– No questions like ‘do you want a drink’.
– Less language, less conversation.
– Minimal analytical thinking for your birthing woman.

– Simply imply the question by offering a drink regularly.

Extra tip – have a drink bottle with a straw/ nozzle (unlike one pictured here, opt for no screw lid) for ease to taking sips whilst remaining in resting/ eyes closed down/ forward leaning/ or when active labour and birthing positions.

Imagine twisting the lid on and off, on and off every time, so annoying!


EMPTY – Empty the bladder

Anatomically, the bladder sits in front of the uterus, so we want to avoid a full bladder as this can slow/ stop baby coming down the birth canal.


Partner/ support people:
– Encourage regular voiding, try every 2 hours during labour.
– Not only offering but emotionally and physically supporting her to get there.
– This is also great as it encourage regular movement and change of labour and birthing positions

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