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Getting To Know Calmbirth Educator Bec Rogers


Bec Rogers is a wife, a mother and has been a midwife for over 11 years practicing her entire career where she trained at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

“I started out early into my midwifery career practicing as a group practice midwife (MGP) shortly after graduating. It was during these years I witnessed the incredible difference Calmbirth can have on a woman’s birth experience and journey into motherhood. I used to recommend a baby moon down to Bowral for the weekend, attending a Calmbirth course, to all my women and partners I cared for. Most attended, and as a result the difference was seen in so many women’s birth experience’s through the confidence they had in their body, and ability to trust in the process of birth and surrender to the empowering incredible journey that birth and motherhood truly is.

“I myself also had the pleasure of attending Peter Jackson’s class back in 2013 before the birth of my first daughter, and remain incredibly grateful for the knowledge and skills I learnt prior to giving birth. I went into the experience with extended knowledge, confidence to make informed decisions, and trust in my body’s ability to birth my baby exactly as intended.  As a result, I have had two very relaxed, calm and fearless and empowering water births, welcoming both my daughters earth side.

“Three years ago I made the tree change to the Southern Highlands and haven’t looked back. This change has opened up career opportunities including becoming a Calmbirth educator and now working along-side both Karen and Peter, a bit of a pinch myself career moment.”

My name…Bec Rogers

I work as…Calmbirth Southern Highlands.

My life in five words…wholesome, authentic, fulfilled and full of love.

The best thing about where I live…The incredible change of seasons. The autumn colours, the abundance of spring blossoms, the lush green countryside.

What I do to relax when I’m not working…We Live on 5 acres so time outside emersed in nature, sun on my skin , working in the veggie patch, bushing walking out the back exploring with the kids, swimming, baking, catch up on zzz.

I can’t live without…Sunshine, nourishing food, and soulful friendships.

The person or traits I most admire is…my hubby. Hardworking, optimistic, and courageous. The perfect mix of gentle and masculine.

What I love most about being a Calmbirth educator...the ability to have an impact and make a difference on a woman’s birth experience. To meet women antenatally and help address and push through any barriers or fears that may be holding them back from experiencing an empowering birth experience.

If I had to describe my own birth experiences in 3 words…empowering, incredible, euphoric.

The 3 essential things you need to take with you into labour are…trust, support and nourishing wholesome snacks for you and your support crew.

My most memorable moment as Calmbirth® educator…feedback from a woman who had attended one of classes say my voice was so calming during the relaxations, and that she actually heard my voice during her labour.

A favourite quote…‘the purpose of childbirth preparation is to prepare mothers to give birth in awareness. Not to achieve a specific birth outcome’ – Pam England.

If I had to describe how seeing a baby being born makes me feel...mind blown.

My next Calmbirth courses are: 

18th & 19th June
25th & 26th June
2nd & 3rd July
23rd & 24th July
6th & 7th August
20th & 21st August


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