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Getting To Know Calmbirth Educator Georgina Sproule


Hi, I’m Georgina!

Even before I started midwifery, I have always had an admiration for and curiosity of the human body. I have completed a Bachelors degree in Medical and Health Science, in the hopes of one day becoming a doctor. However when I stumbled upon midwifery I quickly learned that this would be the right path for me. After witnessing my first birth in my first year as a student midwife I fell in love with midwifery, and still to this day I am in such awe every time I see a baby born into this world.

I have now been a midwife for 5 years, I have spent most of this time working as a Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) midwife, supporting women and families through every step of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I am passionate about removing the fear from childbirth and encouraging women to believe in their own instincts and their bodies’ ability to birth. I truly believe that birth should be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, where couples feel safe and supported, and leave their birth feeling empowered and proud. I am passionate about educating women and couples to have the birth that they wish.

I believe Calmbirth gives couples the knowledge and tools they need to remove this fear, and allow them to have a positive birthing experience, whichever way their birth unfolds. I hope to provide a safe and secure space for pregnant couples to learn and question, in order to remove any fear surrounding childbirth. My aim is to guide couples to create an environment where they feel safe, calm and confident to birth their babies. I understand that each birthing experience is individualised to each couples’ needs and I hope to facilitate this through my classes. I hope couples leave my class trusting their body and instincts, and excited and confident for their birth and transition into parenthood.

I am so excited to begin my journey as a Calmbirth Educator!

My name…Georgina

I work…Campbelltown Hospital as a Registered Midwife.

The best thing about where I live…is all the beautiful beaches.

What I do to relax when I’m not working...my go to would be netflix! Haha but I also enjoy spending time with my family, going to the beach, going for a hike with my partner, and enjoying dinner and drinks with some friends

I can’t live without…coffee!

The person or traits I most admire is…honesty.

What I love most about being a Calmbirth educator...is witnessing couples learn about birth, and becoming less fearful of birth as the classes go on.

The 3 essential things you need to take with you into labour are…

  • a positive mindset,

  • strong support system, and

  • a birth comb

My most memorable moment as Calmbirth® educator…hearing feedback from couples that have used the Calmbirth principles in their labour/birth.

If I had to describe how seeing a baby being born makes me feel…the most incredible thing you will ever witness.

A favourite quote…“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”.

You can follow me at…calmbirthwithlee on facebook and instagram

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @calmbirth.with.georgina

My next Calmbirth courses are:

6 & 7 May
20 & 21 May
3 & 4 June:
1 & 2 July

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