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Getting To Know Calmbirth Educator Shanae Paratore


Ciao! I’m Shanae, a passionate advocate for empowering women and their families on their journey through matrescence. With a rich background in nursing, midwifery, and lactation consulting, I’ve dedicated my career to supporting families through the transformative experience of childbirth.

My journey began with a profound experience at King Edward Memorial Hospital, where at the age of 16, whilst undertaking some work experience, I witnessed the miracle of birth for the first time. This experience ignited my fascination for birth and I knew from then, that I wanted to be a midwife. Coupled with my Sicilian heritage and growing up surrounded by a large family, this ignited a deep passion for helping couples through the transformative process of growing their family.

After completing my Bachelor of Nursing and working in neonatal intensive care, I completed a Graduate Diploma of Midwifery to gain registration as a midwife. Following this I pursued further education in lactation consulting. Today, I continue to work at my local hospital, rotating through the antenatal, lactation and newborn hearing clinics whilst also maintaining my nursing roots in neonatal intensive care and contributing to local and international lactation research.

But my mission extends beyond hospital walls as I am committed to providing families with the tools and knowledge, they need to approach childbirth with confidence and calmness. Through face-to-face Calmbirth courses, I aim to empower every woman and her support person to embrace their birth journey with trust and excitement.

The Calmbirth approach is rooted in the belief that with knowledge comes confidence. The Calmbirth course is evidenced based, scientifically proven to help reduce medical intervention with more positive outcomes, lower rates of perinatal anxiety and postnatal depression. By unpacking fears and doubts and equipping families with practical techniques, the Calmbirth course can help couples to navigate childbirth and parenthood with strength and resilience. Whether in a small group setting or through private sessions, I strive to create a safe, supportive environment where couples can connect and prepare for the beautiful life awaiting them.

It is a privilege to witness the transformation in couples as they shift from fear to faith, guided by the principles of Calmbirth, so I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery and empowerment. Together, let’s redefine the narrative around pregnancy, birth, and parenting, fostering a culture of positivity, confidence, and joy.

Small group Calmbirth Courses are held monthly (over 2 consecutive Saturdays) in one of the beautiful, unique, and historic buildings of the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle. I strive to be flexible and can accommodate special circumstances so just reach out if you would like to discuss more options or to learn more about the Calmbirth course and how I can support you, on your path to a beautiful birth experience.

My Name is...Shanae Paratore.

I work at…Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA  and founder of Bella Vita Maternity

The five words that describe my life would be...Family, love, food, painting, travel.

The best thing about where I live…is the rich history and strong sense of community, where every corner tells a story, café’s are constantly bustling, the beautiful sunny beaches and where neighbours regularly come together to celebrate culture and tradition in the beautiful port city of Fremantle.

When I’m not working and have some spare time I love… spending time with family, cooking, painting, and reading.

I can’t live without…chocolate.

The trait I admire most in others is…kindness.

What I love most about being a Calmbirth educator is...the privilege of empowering expecting parents with the knowledge and skills to approach childbirth with confidence, calmness, and a deep understanding of the natural processes of labour and birth. Witnessing the transformative journey of couples as they embrace their own strength and trust in the birthing process is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Three essential things you need to take in to labour are...a loving, supportive and confident partner, a calm mind and a birth map.

The most memorable moment I’ve had as an educator...was receiving an email with some heartfelt feedback and a photo of the couples precious little one. This couple expressed deep gratitude for the Calmbirth course that made them feel significantly more prepared and empowered for their journey ahead.

A favourite quote…You are the descendant of thousands of generations of capable and strong women who have successfully given birth and you are just as capable and as strong as them because you are them – Unknown

How does seeing a baby being born make me feel...witnessing a baby being born is such a miracle that it is almost indescribable. It leaves me with a profound sense of awe, love, happiness and always a little bit teary.

You can follow me at…
Instagram: @bellavitamaternity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bellavitamaternity
Websit: www.bellavitamaternity.com

My next Calmbirth courses are:

May 18th & 25th 2024
June 15th & 22nd 2024

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