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“Giving birth was the most amazing experience of my life!”

Birth Stories

When I get an email from a woman who did Calmbirth with me and she says…

“Giving birth was the most amazing experience of my life!”I have to share the story!

Here is Emma and Fabien’s amazing birth experience…..

They said “We owe a lot of our positive mindset to Laura’s amazing teachings in the Calmbirth course”

Our boy, Dante Donald Linthorne was born at 2:24am on Saturday 30th September, it was the most amazing experience of my life!

Fabien held me through every contraction, kept me hydrated and fed and so well looked after – I get so emotional thinking about how good he was to me .

I went into labour at about 3pm on the 28th September with contractions coming strong and frequent with 3 in a 10 minute period lasting 1min each.

Fabien helped me put on the TENS machine which helped out a lot with the intense contractions. At around 9pm we decided to present to GCUH MAC for an assessment. Our student midwife met us at the hospital and was an amazing advocate. I wore an eye mask and earphones with Calmbirth meditations playing to try and avoid an adrenaline rush. I told Fabien ahead of time I did not wish to know the number outcome of my VE which really helped as I now know I was 3cm at that point which I think would have affected me mentally at the time if I’d have known.

We decided to head back home and labour there until things ramped up – the staff gave me some codeine and Panadol before we left which I was grateful for as it sedated me enough to sleep in between contractions.

Fabien was absolutely incredible, massaged me through every contraction – gave me so much encouragement and kept me calm through it all. We stayed at home until around 9pm the next night, we decided to go back into hospital because I’d had a bloody show but it started to look more like frank blood than mucous so we thought we’d better make sure everything was alright. We got to MAC and our student met us there again. The staff reassured me that the blood was still mucous and normal and offered another VE which I accepted. I still didn’t want to know the number at the time – I now know I was 7cm so they admitted me to birth suite.

My midwife and student setup the room beautifully with candles and ran the bath for me.

My god the bath – as soon as I got in there it was amazing. All the weight and drag of the contractions was nullified and I could just breathe.

I kept breathing through the contractions with Fabien in my ear encouraging me through everything. I started to get the urge to bear down and then before I knew it my body was pushing without me consciously doing it – I couldn’t have stopped it if I tried!

Dante’s head descended and came in and out a few times before his little chin popped out finally at 2:20am – that sensation was the real Dante’s inferno.

I started to get a bit panicky at this point thinking, ” how the f*** am I going get the shoulders out?!” But after the next few contractions he shot out into the water finally at 2:24am.

I caught him and brought him to my chest and looked at Fabien, we were just staring at each other like we couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was helped from the bath onto the bed with Dante still in my arms and wrapped in beautiful warm blankets. Fabien and I were just staring at our boy in awe.

I was estimated to have had 100mls of blood loss so I was able to get up and birth the placenta physiologically on the toilet. Fabien then cut the cord after I had birthed the placenta. They checked me for tears which I had none, just a graze where Dante’s chin popped out.

I’ve never experienced anything so amazing in my life, it was absolutely incredible and exactly what I wanted with no drugs or interventions.

Thank you so much for all you taught us, if we didn’t do Calmbirth – we wouldn’t have had this amazing birth experience!

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