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Huxley’s brave new World

Birth Stories

By Naomi Hyland

I just wanted to thank you again for your additional support in the lead up to my birth.

Everything went perfectly and we had an enjoyable, calm and beautiful caesarean birth yesterday afternoon, and welcomed a gorgeous baby boy (Huxley) into the world.

I used the meditation daily, right up until we were waiting to go into theatre, and I was genuinely surprised by how relaxed I felt in the lead up to and during the birth. That, along with your wise advice to be present in the moment, helped me feel centred and to be decisive and take control of my birth experience.

The most stressful part was the spinal and I easily used my calm breath to stay focused and relaxed and found it was over quickly allowing me to enjoy my birth.

We had a lovely supportive team in the theatre and David and I were laughing and chatting with each other from beginning to end.

Huxley came out calm and alert and I was able to enjoy skin to skin and even had him breastfeeding in theatre while they stitched me up! It may not have been what I thought birth would be this time but it was equally as special and beautiful as my first vaginal birth in its own way.

Thank you again and again – you were a tremendous support and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself at the moment!


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