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In a bubble of LOVE

Birth Stories

By Kate Marsden

I wanted to let Calmbirth know our exciting news that we had a baby girl on the 17th December last year.

My partner, Josh and I attended your course in September last year and went away full of knowledge, excitement and empowerment for the birth experience.

Well, the day finally came and the Calmbirth toolkit enabled us to stay calm and get on with day to day activities during early labour… including going to Telstra to sort out a new phone and a BBQ!

Fast track to the next morning and I’m going into hospital, I told the Midwife we had done the Calmbirth program and it was clear she knew a lot about it. I thought she summed it up nicely when I was going through contractions, it was about letting go of the fear. I was focused on what I was going through and I was armed with the knowledge of the muscle tissue, calm breathing techniques and knowing I could move around during the active labour stage which really helped me.

I know it’s not about the drugs used in the labour, but I was happy that in the end I only used the gas. I could feel those amazing hormones during the labour and of course once bub was born, that euphoric feeling of holding her on my chest. We had over 1.5 hours of skin on skin time and the three of us were in a bubble of love. The most special moment in my life.

I want to thank you for your wisdom you shared and gave us during the Calmbirth course. We really didn’t know what to expect but walked away empowered with techniques, not just for me, but for my partner Josh to help me during the labour.

I hear so many women talk about their birth as the worst experience ever. Obviously it’s not easy once the contractions are peaking, but I keep reliving the birth of my bub Phoebe as this amazing beautiful experience… and if possible I’ll be going through it all again one day.


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