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Is your mind open to birth?

Birth Preparation

Our culture tends to view birth simply as a physical process of the female body, the mechanical opening of the uterus and cervix, then the expulsion of a baby from the uterus and out of the vagina. But birth is far more complex than this. For birth is just as much of the mind as it is of the body.


It relies on the birthing woman/person and their support team to understand and work with the intimate interdependent relationship of the mind-body-birth connection.  The belief systems surrounding birthing women and people have an enormous impact on how a woman or birthing person works with their birth emotionally and physically, and how their body will then respond to this, determining not just their physical journey but how they walk out of their birth at an emotional level. These belief systems also influence the environment created around women and birthing people by their support team and caregivers and can significantly impact the birthing journey and outcomes of birth at all levels. And let’s face it, our cultural beliefs about birth need a big re-work because they are creating too much fear-based misinformation and misconception.

At Calmbirth we believe that an open mind is an open body, and our priority is reframing the way birth is viewed and perceived, opening minds to the amazing possibilities of birth.

So, if you are a birthing couple, or a caregiver, enrol now in one of our courses to learn all you will need to know about the majesty of the female body and how to work with it and support the Mind-Body-Birth connection and in turn, opening your minds to birth.

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