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We all know that for some women breastfeeding can be challenging at the best of times for many different reasons but throw mastitis in the mix and it can be more than just challenging because it also becomes painful.

Mastitis is when a milk duct in the breast becomes blocked, the breast can become hot, tender, you may feel a burning sensation whilst breastfeeding, the breast can become swollen leading to inflammation, pain, and sometimes infection. But often can be avoided if it is detected early. Or if before you start on your breastfeeding journey you consult a breastfeeding lactation consultant that can provide invaluable tips & advice for proper breast-feeding techniques. As breastfeeding is a learned skill.

 Things you can do to prevent mastitis:

  • Breastfeed regularly
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Position yourself well so that your baby has the best chance of latching themselves on properly
  • Alternate which breast you offer first
  • Wear a bra that isn’t too tight or restrictive
  • Take care of your nipples
  • Wean your baby gradually

Spot the Signs: Keep an eye out for symptoms like breast tenderness, redness, swelling, fever, and flu-like symptoms. If something doesn’t feel right and you are unsure seek medical advice from, you GP or speak to your lactation consultant.

Self-Care is Key: Rest up, stay hydrated, and continue breastfeeding or pumping to keep milk flowing. Applying warm compresses and gently massaging the affected area can also provide relief. 100% pure Lanolin creams also helps the prevention of cracked nipples.

Seek Medical Advice: Remember that you are not alone on the parenting /motherhood journey so reach out to your healthcare provider or a lactation consultant for guidance. They can offer tailored advice and, if necessary, prescribe antibiotics to combat infection.

If you find yourself suffering from Mastitis it is safe and recommended that you continue breastfeeding if you can, as breastfeeding helps clear the infection.

Photo: The Australian Breastfeeding Association

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