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Owner & Director Karen McClay’s Calmbirth ZOOM Courses

Birth Preparation

Hi, I’m Karen McClay, I’m the the owner Director of Calmbirth, Midwife, mother and Calmbirth Educator. Now more than ever it’s crucial for pregnant couples to empower themselves with the best quality and evidence based childbirth education to prepare for labour & birth, so that you can work together as a team to birth your baby. The skills and tools you will learn in Calmbirth are tools for life and will help you to deal with your heightened levels of fear, anxiety and stress, especially in these uncertain times as you navigate your way to becoming new parents.



Calmbirth doesn’t just teach you about the physical part of pregnancy, labour & birth, but we also make the connection between the emotional and psychological aspect of birth and how it not only influences your experience of birth but can impact your physical journey too.

Your mental and emotional wellbeing matters to me. Your birth preparation matters to me. Your birth experience also matters me. My vision is to change our birth culture and to make the Calmbirth program accessible to ALL pregnant couples. My vision and mission to change lives has even more meaning to me now as I see so many couples struggling to cope with life and the responsibility of birthing a child in an environment that is continually changing.

I am inviting you to one of my Calmbirth LIVE and interactive ZOOM courses and let me help you by sharing my knowledge, expertise and passion for educating, empowering and instilling confidence in couples to be able to face whatever birthing challenge or life challenge they are faced with

So join me in one of my Calmbirth courses, where you can engage with me, talk about your fears and anxieties, be given tools to reframe your ideas around birth, and feel confident in your own body’s ability to birth your baby. The rapport I build with you as your educator during this sacred time is what sets the Calmbirth program apart from other programs. I will provide you with all the knowledge, tools and skills you will need to experience a Calmbirth. You can do this and I will have your back!!

Here are my upcoming Calmbirth courses for you to choose from:

19th& 26thApril

9th& 10thMay

30th& 31st May

6th& 7thJune

13th& 14thJune

Here is a testimonial from one of my Calmbirth ZOOM couples.

“This past weekend Ryan and I got to participate in the Calmbirth course via the zoom platform. This course was so empowering and informative that we now have this huge tool box of  knowledge to head into our next part of this pregnancy excitedly. Doing this from the comfort of our own lounge room was actually amazing and definitely do not feel we missed out on anything, in fact we both agree that there were many positives to this. We were in our own space, we were able to interact with each other affectionately and get that oxytocin going (your best friend in labour), but also we were able to interact with the other couples and beautiful educator, Karen, who is a passionate midwife. I have had many moments in the past few months of fear and anxiety around our baby’s birth. These stemmed from not knowing what to expect, preconceived expectations, beliefs, social conditioning etc. This course is also great for your support partner. It provides them with tools and knowledge to assist during labour, birth, and afterwards. I’d happily recommend this course to anyone, especially any couple who is expecting during covid-19. 

“We both left feeling like we understand what is ahead of us now, but we are also very much looking forward to our baby’s birth.”

Peta & Ryan”

I’m Really looking forward to meeting you face to face via ZOOM and sharing my knowledge, expertise and passion with you. To BOOK a course go to: https://calmbirth.com.au/educators-profile/?edid=11



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