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Pioneer of Childbirth Education in Australia, Peter Jackson is coming to New Zealand


We have some very exciting news to tell pregnant couples who live in Auckland, New Zealand and that’s that the pioneer of childbirth education in Australia and Founder of Calmbirth is coming to New Zealand to teach the program. 

This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to do the Calmbirth program with him, as he has recently retired. Calmbirth Educator, Debbie Peters, who teaches the Calmbirth program in Auckland has invited him over, to not only show off her beautiful country, but to also show him off and why there’s no birth like a Calmbirth. 


To experience why there’s no birth like a Calmbirth and to find out how Calmbirth is changing our birth culture, make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity and BOOK NOW.

Tell your midwife, tell your friends – bookings for Peter’s Calmbirth class in Auckland are now open. He will be coming to New Zealand in March 2020.

Find out for yourselves why the Calmbirth program is highly acclaimed and the most trusted childbirth education program by midwives obstetricians and GP’s. 

Find out how the Calmbirth program significantly: 

  • Reduces the rate of medical interventions during childbirth
  • Reduces the use of pharmacological pain relief in labour including epidurals
  • Enriches their birth experience as one that is positive, irrespective of how they birth
  • Reduces the impact of perinatal anxiety which may then have a protective effect postnatal adjustment, and potentially depression, after birth. 

For more information and to BOOK this Calmbirth program with the pioneer of childbirth education, Peter Jackson go to:  http://calmbirth.org.nz/peter-jackson.html



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