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Reminiscing on my five years as a Calmbirth Educator

Birth Stories

I realised last week that I have been teaching for 5 years
I thought I’d ask my first group what stands out in their mind about Calmbirth.

Here is what they said:

Laura – I think maybe what stands out in my mind is how diferent the mindset of Calmbirth is compared to how most people view birth. To learn to have confidence in your body and to focus on your baby’s journey during birth.

Emma – Loved the group and what I learnt. What stood out was the power of keeping calm whatever happens. The power of deep slow breathing whatever happens. Knowledge is power.

Ingrid –  I think the most important thing that Calmbirth taught us was that no matter what happens, we CAN handle it. Even if things don’t go to plan, we can still access our Calmbirth tools and mindset to bring calm and intention to the situation.

While both my VBAC births were absolutely perfect, the complex medical concerns we have come to encounter with our children since their births have presented many intense and traumatic situations in which I have been able to employ the same techniques of mindfulness learnt in Calmbirth. It was truly diverse skills learnt for life and I gained a trust in my body and the universe I didn’t think existed.

Interesting that 3 of these couples had 3 boys each!! Here is a snap shot of them all. 


Raelene, who is also one of my original Calmbirth couples from 5 years ago shared a summary of all her 3 births one of which was a Natural, Caesarean, VBAC.

We still talk about how amazing Calmbirth was for us.

We have had 3 wonderful birth experiences, all very different and Calmbirth helped in them all.

1st birth was a natural, pain relief free birth where the Calmbirth breathing and visualisation worked amazing.

2nd birth was a fetal distress emergency c-section. Calmbirth played a huge role in relaxation as during the whole process I remained calm and relaxed which I am sure helped with the birth.

3rd birth was a successful vbac. Due to being a vbac I was monitored the whole time and what could have been a stressful birth due to previous c-section both Rhys and I were relaxed and often referred back to Calmbirth.

The slow breathing, enjoying the ‘waves of tightening some and touch from rhys are my stand out things with Calmbirth.

Another thing I always tell other mum and dads to be is how pain is not something I relate to birth. I really love the word of tightenings and the waves instead of the word pain.

During my births I always thought of my baby, rhys and I working as a team to welcome the baby to the outside world.

Not sure if it is just luck or not if it’s the calm way our babies were born but all 3 have been very content babies which we often say is due to the Calmbirth program.

We truly feel so privileged to have completed the Calmbirth weekend as I can honestly say I loved all my births.

I hope you are well and I am sure you have helped many more couples have wonderful birthing experiences.

Thank you,

Raelene and Rhys (Oliver 4yrs, Arthur 2yrs, Patrick 3months).



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