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The birth of Sienna

Birth Stories

By Sophia Logan

A note on the birth of our beautiful Sienna. I wanted to share a snapshot of our story 
I have always thought giving birth is an amazing part of female life. What a gift nature has given us. 

We had a pretty chilled pregnancy. Me, being in events, I am highly detail oriented, analytical and organised but pregnancy made me relaxed. Omg!! 

I browsed one book – up the duff – and that was it. I didn’t really do any reading and attended the obligatory hospital classes (which were terrible) and the Calmbirth course. Read less ladies!!! Trust yourself and enjoy it if you can. 


The Calmbirth course was exceptional. It covered the serious bits for birth and what you need to know, but more importantly it empowered women to have the strength for birth. You can do it attitude. 

I was saddened by how many people at the course had a negative view on birth. When did birth get tainted with negativity?. In my eyes it should be a positive experience. A life changing moment. Yes, it is hard work and you may get some tears here and there, and sometimes it doesn’t work out how you planned but our gorgeous womanly bodies were built for it. As long as mama and bubba are healthy that’s all that matters. 

The most important thing I took from the Calmbirth course was the power of breathing techniques and the role of the support person.  The power of focusing on breath is amazing. 

Only after attending the Calmbirth course did I think that the role of the support person is MORE than mine. 

My husband was simply amazing. 
He gave me strength. 
He willed me on. 
He sat next to me while I was in the bath and was sick on him
He never waivered 

It is exhausting for them too and I don’t think they get the recognition they deserve

My husband helped me deliver this gorgeous large bundle and could not have done it without him

We had the ball. We had the rug to jiggle me. We had the incense diffuser. We had the red frogs. We had it all!! We didn’t use any of this apart from music + tens + breathing + key motivational messages + husband. 


I delivered a girl 4.03kg naturally, albeit with a bit of gas and on my back on the bed as sadly all the positions I wanted to use weren’t comfortable. Apparently almost 2hrs of pushing and almost had to have forceps but hubby willed me on for those final pushes 

My note to others is trust yourself, your body, your support person. 

I am also proud of my postpartum body. My saggy belly and my dark line down my stomach. All are proof of what I went through. We should celebrate and embrace our postpartum bodies and not shame others. 


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