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The Nest joins hands with Calmbirth

Birth Stories

By Heidi Young

Never under estimate the power of giving confidence to parents

As a Calmbirth graduate myself, I now completely understand the saying “with Knowledge comes confidence”.

When I built The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy, it was because I could see the growing need for parents and care givers to have their own knowledge and strategies to know what to do if their child was unwell or had an accident because having knowledge is having power. 

Parents are craving information.

People would spend hours every day at the hospital asking questions about safety, allergy, weaning, the list goes on. As a paediatric nurse of nearly two decades, I have seen my fair share of birth trauma and issues surrounding birth.

In my case, this made me nervous, anxious and fearful.

Just because I was a nurse, none of my anxieties were calmed just because I was ‘in the know”, if anything this can make matters worse. I’m a nurse, not a midwife, I knew nothing about giving birth or being a mother.

My choice to do the Calmbirth Program was not a difficult one. Giving birth was something I may do only once or twice, so I wanted to do it well and (mostly) fear free.

What Calmbirth gave me was peace of mind and the confidence in my body that I definitely did not have before.

Now I trusted that my body knew what to do, and I also understood the process of birth much better too.

The other thing that gave me such confidence was that all the Calmbirth team are trained midwives or birth professionals.

Over at The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy, all our educators are Registered Nurses with extensive paediatric experience. This is very important to us that our team has experienced the emergencies that we teach in our classes and have also dealt with the aftermath.

Our classes are full of anecdotal stories and experiences. Often people leave saying that the discussion and question time was one of the most valuable parts of the class. Hearing other parents fears, questions and concerns can be so helpful and reassuring that you are not alone.

Most parents take pre-natal classes about birth, how to look after their baby, how to wrap them, how to soothe them and how to feed them, but not many get to do a CPR or firstaid class before baby arrives, and this is where The Nest provides this service.

A new parents decision to learn CPR and basic first aid may prove to be the difference between life and death for their child, which is reflected in several statistics.

A 10 year study commissioned by the Day of Difference Foundation showed some alarming results. Child injury hospitalisation rates have not decreased over a ten year period and 24.5% of children sustained injuries in the home.

At The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy, we take our parent and caregiver in-home classes to the next level.

As part of the collaborative partnership with Calmbirth, if you book a course with Calmbirth you will get a 10% discount of the Nest, Kid CPR and Allergy course. All you have to do is show your receipt of your Calmbirth booking. You are also welcome to do the course before your baby arrives. 


You don’t necessarily need to leave your house to learn vital life saving skills. However, if you need an alternative venue for your class, we can sort that too, running classes in hospitals and children’s clinics in Sydney.

Our mission is to make every parent and caregiver in Australia confident in the knowledge that they could help their child in an emergency and to talk about myth busting in allergy! Between the age of 4-6 months, you should be introducing your little one to the common allergenic foods, as we now know that this is helping towards making a dent in the rate of childhood allergy, which is now being termed a ‘pandemic’.

Your little one will be here before you know it and the weaning will begin, so it is a mission of ours over at The Nest to cure the fears around food allergy.

As well as being a practicing Paediatric Nurse for the last 17 years, I have also been a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Childhood Allergy at Sydney Children’s Hospital for the last 4 years every Monday and Tuesday, so I get to work with some of the best allergy doctors and paediatricians in Australia which keeps our skills and knowledge razor sharp over at The Nest.



“Partnering with Calmbirth is a true privilege that I do not take lightly. I truly believe in what they do, decreasing fear in pregnant couples whilst giving them the tools, knowledge and skills to work with birth on all levels, as well as  looking after their emotional and mental wellbeing during pregnancy, labour and birth. 

“The Nest hopes to follow on with this mission and take away the fear of nurturing new life to give the expectant mothers and their partners a holistic perspective to carry them through parenthood.”


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