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A dream birth we dared not to dream about.

Birth Stories

Having both previously worked in high-risk obstetric units, my husband and I approached our first pregnancy with excitement but trepidation. We attended a private Calmbirth course with Calmbirth Educator, Kath Maxwell in Geelong, Victoria at 26 weeks. We learned, or perhaps unlearned so much about pregnancy and birth and left feeling both reassured and empowered. We particularly liked that it was evidence based. As things turned out, I was fortunate and had my dream birth: spontaneous, calm, intervention and injury-free with a healthy mum and bub at the end.

We really feel that what we learnt during Kath’s Calmbirth course contributed significantly to how it played out, by allowing me to know how to prepare, what to expect, how to take an active role in the process but also when to let go and trust my body to do its thing. My husband also felt that it really helped him be a supportive birth partner. Thanks Kath for your wonderful teaching, we will be back for a refresher!

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