Breech turn Calmbirth story

My partner and I attended Calmbirth with Kath when I was 36 weeks pregnant and had just learnt our bubs was breech. We were still hopeful for a natural birth for our first child and were very keen to learn more about the stages of labour and natural coping techniques. We had all of our fingers and toes crossed for bubs to turn but this workshop was really helpful in providing information on how to make informed decisions leading up to and during birth including making flexible birth plans.


An informed, quick, calm, and unplanned first home birth

Thank you Kath, we attended your Calmbirth workshop in Bellarine, Geelong in June. I have come out of this experience the most empowered woman, my body and my mind has all new limits and I am excited for motherhood. If Liam and I can accomplish this, we are capable of big things in parenthood. Every mumma needs you in their corner to make their birth as beautiful of an experience as mine was.

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