Calmbirth gave us the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions

Hi Kath, we had our beautiful boy in May and are settling in well at home. We ended up going 4 days over and despite extra scans and monitoring, which all looked great, we did get alot of pressure to induce and even to augment labour when labour happened spontaneously.

Thanks to the Calmbirth education program we felt empowered and confident to make informed decisions and let labour progress on its own.

Welcome to the world Rocky

Rocky was welcomed to the world on Jan 31st. We feel so lucky to have had two great birthing experience thanks to the Calmbirth techniques. A huge thankyou for educating Billy & I on how beautiful birth truely is. Billy was the best support! and we are so blessed to have such a great public system in Geelong with angel Midwives. Everyone was so respectful of the calm vibe we created. 

The Calm birth of little Magnus

Hi Kath, I hope you are well! Charles and I had our baby boy on the 6th of April and I just thought I’d share our birth story

After doing the Calmbirth course with you we felt so confident and ready to meet our baby. I practiced positions on the exercise ball, my breathing and we listened to the meditations before bed.

Lucy’s over due birth

Hi Kath, our little girl Lucy was born on 17/10 weighing a decent 4.15kg and 54cm long.

We are so grateful for all we learnt through Calmbirth, it definitely equipped us to deal with the labour and to make decisions in the lead up to birth.

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