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A wonderful and calm birth experience…

Birth Stories

Story by Eda & Jane

For the first few months of my pregnancy, I was a bit frightened, not sure what to expect, anxious at times. I learnt about Calmbirth through Instagram, it took a few months to arrange a time when my husband and I could both attended our local class in Mittagong NSW. We were so happy we did the course; we took the knowledge learnt from the course and applied it over the next few months and it really helped. However, it really paid off on the couple of days before and during the birth.

My contractions started 48 hours before and I knew what to expect, using the Calmbirth breathing techniques to get me through and squeezing a comb in my hand every time I had a contraction. When I thought it was time to go to the Hospital the Midwives said I wasn’t ready and sent me home, but the next day in the early morning I knew it was time, unfortunately I had a complication with my bladder and the Doctor had to induce me, I was 4cm dilated by that stage.

The hours after the induction were challenging but by using what I learnt in the Calmbirth course such as applying the different positions, acupressure from my partner, the breathing techniques, squeezing the comb throughout the labour and during every contraction. Hours later I was fully dilated. I had been pushing for 3 hours and I was able to get my beautiful baby girl almost out…. all without any painkillers!

Unfortunately, for no lack of trying I stopped making progress, so the Doctor was called, and he said we needed to use the vacuum for the last bit. Once he started our baby daughter was in my arms 15 minutes later. Born 4.15kg and 53cm tall.

I highly recommend the Calmbirth course for anyone that has any doubts about giving birth. It gives you the knowledge and the tools to make giving birth a wonderful experience.

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