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‘The amniotic membrane is adhered to the chorion – the other membrane attached to the placenta that sits between the amniotic membrane and the uterus.’ These membranes look like one, but are in fact two.


‘Around 80-90% of women will start labour with their membranes intact. During a contraction, the pressure is equalised throughout the fluid rather than directly squeezing the baby, placenta and umbilical cord. This protects the baby and his/her oxygen supply from the effects of the powerful uterine contractions.’ Caul births seem more common during water births and are possibly one of the most amazing sights in the world’ – Dr Rachel Reed MidwifeThinking

Incredible. I have no words. How lucky are we to have birth photographers to capture such incredible moments of our life.

Birth changes us.

How precious to visually go back to this moment.


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