Using a comb for labour pain relief!

How do the combs work?
They are a simple, effective and wonderful pain management tool that help women in labour as they act as a  powerful distraction or a focal point  by activating the Gate Control Theory. Researchers have long observed that factors such as thoughts, emotions, and expectations can influence our perceptions of pain.

The Gate Control Theory of pain asserts that non-painful input closes the nerve “gates” to painful input, which prevents pain sensation from traveling to the central nervous system. The comb works on the Pain Gate Control Theory, distracting the brain which allows more of your attention to focus on the sensation of what is happening with your hand and away from the sensations of contractions. 

Turns out I didn’t need a vaginal birth to have a healing birth!

I have spoken to hundreds of women over the years. I have taught their childbirth education class, cared for them on their pregnancy journey or been their midwife as they birth their baby. What has always fascinated me is how women describe their experience of giving birth. On paper, it may seem that a woman has had a textbook, normal vaginal birth, though, in her eyes it was the most traumatic experience. Alternatively, some women get thrown the full range of intervention and walk away exclaiming they feel like they could move mountains. How can that be?

Birth Preferences. Why are they important?

When I talk about the topic of birth preferences, the general feedback from people is “we have heard if you have a birth plan, it won’t go to plan”. Most feel that they will leave their birth in the capable hands of their care providers as “they know best” and are the experts.

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