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Bonnie & Pip’s dream VBAC birth story

Birth Preparation

Meet our dear Maeve! Hi Kath, I just wanted to let you know that I had my absolute dream birth experience with a successful VBAC.

After our refresher Calmbirth sessions and debrief with you, in the weeks leading up to the birth I was feeling great. With regular acupuncture from Philippa (Philippa Young – Good Egg Natural Fertility), swimming 2-3 times a week and keeping up with Hugo. Raspberry leaf tea, fresh dates, the works!

I had the balloon induction overnight at 41 + 4 and went back to the hospital at 6am the following morning having had cramps all night. Within 4hrs of my waters being broken, and hardly an hour with the synt drip, I birthed a baby girl !!!

With Calm breathing, the TENs machine, some good hip squeezes, and a bit of gas. It was a very, very fast labour and delivery. I’m feeling very lucky and thankful all went to plan. Even more so, I’m in complete shock we have a baby girl!

My goal had been to be in and out in four hours. I managed to be in hospital at 6am and walked out at 6pm the same day. (I wanted to put Hugo down for bedtime).

Thanks again for your support and positivity.www.innerbirth.com.au

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