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Birth Stories

I remember when Lisa walked out of the final day of Calmbirth she said “Bring it on!”. She looked genuinely excited to give birth. So wonderful to read her positive story


Our beautiful boy – Cooper was born 23/10/18 at 37+1 weeks – total labour time 1hr and 6min!! Crazy!!

3 weeks early and weighing 3.5kg I’m glad he didn’t stay put much longer! My waters broke spontaneously at home and before I even processed I was in labour – I was holding a bub in my hands!! Richard got to ‘catch him’ too! 

Whilst I didn’t realistically have time for any pain relief, a few puffs of the gas got me through – exactly how I wanted it. Using the breathing techniques learnt in the Calmbirth class made it all manageable (I was begging for epidural when it came to pushing!!), I only pushed for 15min and he was out! Better informed this time about what my body was doing and how to help it, I didn’t get in the bed at all; birthed him standing up leaning against the top of the bed for support. 

I think the biggest thing we got out of the Calmbirth classes was how Richard (hubby) could support me. He felt empowered knowing what was happening and how he could help. Whilst fast, it was truly an experience that brought us closer together – very different to baby #1! He was great; breathing with me, positive when I was wanting an epidural and helping me push through. He even out of nowhere put on rainforest music! Super cute!! I felt like we did it together, vs him being another person in the room quite absent from me.

The hospital were also super supportive of Calmbirth and once the midwives knew I had done it, they encouraged a natural birth and were very positive about the progress and how I was going.

I would do labour again in a heartbeat if it could be like that! It has made the first 2 weeks with Coops such a positive experience, and I think it’s all due to feeling so great/empowered post birth! 

I have been recommending the Calmbirth class to my second time pregnant friends, who had negative experiences the first time, I am so happy we did it!

Here’s a little pic of our gorgeous boy.

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