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Calmbirth gave us the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions

Birth Stories

Hi Kath, we had our beautiful boy in May and are settling in well at home. We ended up going 4 days over and despite extra scans and monitoring, which all looked great, we did get alot of pressure to induce and even to augment labour when labour happened spontaneously.
Thanks to the Calmbirth education program we felt empowered and confident to make informed decisions and let labour progress on its own.
I had a relatively long labour but using the Calmbirth breathing was immensely helpful, that and the TENS machine is what helped me remain calm and relaxed throughout. We’ve been raving about and recommending the Calmbirth course to everyone and are so glad we didi it. Although labour was hard, I look back on it fondly and feel privileged to have been able to have that experience. Thankyou Kath for your education and sharing your expertise! Brit and Verity
Go to:  www.innerbirth.com.au for Calmbirth Childbirth Education at The Birth House Geelong

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